Thursday, 27 June 2013

My beauty secrets

I'm 32 and my skin is generally in very good condition. Recent tests proved that, so I decided to share my secrets.
1. Drink loads of water. It sounds cliché, but it really is very important. I drink on average 3 liters a day.
2. Cleanse your skin daily. I swear by the One-step gentle exfoliating cleanser by Clarins. It is my favourite Clarins product along with the Nails and hand cream - I have been using both for years.
The cleanser removes all make-up and makes my skin feel super soft after. I can't imagine my life without it any more. I would love to say I use toner regularly too but I don't. Really want to get into that routine though.
3. I use SPF on my face daily. The Hydra Quench lotion is everything my skin needs. I used to use the Multi-active Night cream , but now have been given the Vital Light Night to try, so far so good.
4. I was advised by a beautician to use eye cream daily and have been using Eye Revive Beauty Flash ever since.
5. The Hydra Quench Cream mask is new to me. I've only used it couple of times so far, but know I'll buy it again. It smells divine and does exactly what it says.
These products may seem pricey, but you only need to use very little and they last me for up to 6 months. Also I often buy these when they have offers on and you get extra products too. Saves pennies plus you can try new products. I believe your skin is worth investing in and after years of trying I realised this is what works for me.
I am also planning to buy the new Double serum. I was given quite a few samples and loved it.
What skincare do you use? What products do you swear by?
Have a stylish day.
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  1. I love anything Kiehls, but I just found out they may test on animals, so I may go ahead and give Clarins a go! x


  2. Love the post. I'm a new reader. Can't wait to read more!

    I also just wanted to let you know that I am starting a new Sunday format on my Blog
    to help beauty bloggers and youtubers connect and find others, and gain followers. I'd love if you checked it out!


  3. Thanks for sharing these great products. I must try them.



  4. You are so beautiful! You have amazing style! I love it! :)

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  5. I'm obsessed with Clarins! I swear by their Blue Orchid face oil for when my skin's dehydrated!

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  6. great stuff,nice pics too! :)

  7. Wait a moment while I pick my jaw up from the floor. You are NEVER 32! I have seen you face to face too. I thought you were early 20s...amazing x

    1. Thank you :) you made my day! Scrap that - you made my month at least ;)
      Adela x


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