Saturday, 19 June 2010

My week at Ascot - day 5

Last day is over. It's been a good week of both fun and hard work and now it's over. Matthew Williamson was watching the show and was really happy and then popped into the backstage area to say hallo. How nice of him! I missed a photo having taken with him, but maybe next time.. Lovely stylist to the stars Gemma Shanley came over to see how's everything and also to help pack up. It was a long day, checking if nothing got damaged or lost after all those shows and getting it ready for returns. We celebrated with yet more champagne and said good byes to each other. I've met some great people and made friends I'm gonna keep in touch with and will hope, that we will meet in a year's time when Royal Ascot is gonna be celebrating 300 years.
Have a stylish day.

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