Monday, 20 December 2010

Style up your walls

Attention art lovers! I feel ashamed that I've only discovered this very talented and hugely popular among celebrities painter Todd White, but better now than never. Some of his work is currently displayed and sold at The Gallery Rouge in St. Albans where I spotted his beautiful art work.
His canvases are very contemporary yet timeless. He loves people watching, observing and sketches ideas for his next work on whatever he can get his hands on (ie napkins..).
Since returning to his native US, he's become one of the most collectable and successful living artists in the world and I can see why.
I took instant liking in his work. Characters of his paintings seem like people you know or you wanna know. They all seem to be having fun and you want to join them. You wanna get to know them. It's very engaging. I promise to bring you more pictures soon.
Have a stylish day.


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