Sunday, 27 February 2011

Vintage Sunday - by Antonio

Yesterday I went to see amazing Fashion Illustration exhibition in the Design Museum and left mesmerized. For anyone interested in fashion or fashion illustration it's a must-see. It finishes next Sunday so if you get a chance go see it. It shows history of fashion illustration dating back to 1920s and how it changed and developed throughout the years to modern age. They have some great work of Rene Gruau about who's exhibition at Somerset House I told you before. Check it again here.
Of all the other artists, Antonio (Lopez) made the biggest impact on me and that's why I want to show you some of his work in today's Vintage Sunday. His style varies but all the pictures look very glamourous and I wouldn't mind to put a piece of his art in my walls. It's not surprising that his work appeared in magazines like Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Elle to name just a few. What do you think?
Have a stylish day.


  1. Loved it. The videos were quite handy for showing that these illustrators took a lot of time over their work, they just make it look so quick and easy!

  2. I know! I really wish I could draw like them - so talented!


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