Thursday, 24 March 2011

Introducing: Imogen Belfield - the interview!

You may remember Imogen Belfield from my jewelled Wednesday post. This young lady caused quite a stir at London Fashion Week with her amazing collection and was named by as best new talent. I fell in love with her jewellery instantly. She creates stand out, statement pieces, that everyone should include in their accessories collection. I was lucky to meet this talented girl and she agreed to answer few questions for me. I'm happy to be bringing you this exclusive interview today. Make sure you remember her name as I expect we will be hearing a lot about her!

First of all tell me what you've been up to since Fashion Weeks? How was Paris?
Fashion week was amazing, and to show at London and Paris for the first was an incredible experience. We had an amazing write up by, naming our jewellery collection as best new talents from fashion week. Since Paris 2 weeks ago it has been non-stop.

I was showing with Vauxhall Fashion Scout in both Paris and London, and it was incredible to be sitting alongside such talented and some very established designers.

What are your plans/goals for the future of your brand?
I'm already planning my next collection, with ideas whizzing around my watch this space!!!
Future goals and plans for my business are just to keep growing, and expanding. I am still very new to the industry so I am learning all the time, and am lucky to work with some incredible people who have already offered amazing advice and help.

What inspires you/keeps you motivated?
What inspires me,
Countryside, space, sunshine, architecture and landscape...
Everyday something new and exciting happens, that's enough to be motivated, I am very excited about how everything is evolving with the business.

What are your favourite trends for summer?
Gold tones, layered and stacked jewellery, geometric patterns and form would be my key trends for spring summer.

Have you got any role model and who?
There are a lot of designers I admire, Shaun Leane's collections never cease to amaze.

And last what's next for Imogen Belfield?
Next up is to develop my collection, you may be seeing some larger sculptural pieces in the next seasons collections! And of course lots of raw stones and gems....

Thanks for answering my questions and good luck with everything.
Have a stylish day.


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