Saturday, 26 March 2011

Party feet - by Christian Louboutin

They say you're either a shoe woman or a handbag woman. I say, it's like a Sophie's choice. I simply can't decide which I like more, although I know I would spend more on a handbag. Good quality made handbag will last you a lifetime, but shoes can get ruined. Saying this, I think every woman should invest in at least one pair of red-soled beauties by the master of the shoe trade - Christian Louboutin. But they're not for the faint hearted. The man hates the word comfy and designs his shoes sky high. But put a pair on and you feel instantly sexier and empowered. From the simple stilettos to the most intricate designs, you can find every shoe you could wish for in his collection. Visiting his store in London's Mayfair is a must. Here's the shop window and a couple of pairs that cought my attention. I bet you'll appreciate these whether you're a handbag girl or a shoe girl. And who says we have to pick anyway. These days we can have it all. No?
Have a stylish day.


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