Sunday, 27 March 2011

Vintage Sunday - by Peter Lindbergh

It was one of the last shows of Paris fashion week, that caused quite a stir. Marc Jacobs created raunchy collection for Louis Vuitton. It had mixed reviews. The most talked about moment was Kate Moss, closing the show in a rather revealing outfit puffing on a cigarette. The question asked was, is this promoting smoking?
My today's Vintage Sunday is a photo from 1991 Elle editorial photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Models looking very glamourous whilst enjoying their nicotine fix, shows, using cigarettes in fashion is nothing new. But is that ok? Is it promoting smoking or does it just make a good effect? Let me know what you think.
By the way, I'm a non-smoker who despises the bad habit, but love this photograph.
Have a stylish day.


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