Friday, 6 January 2012

Stylish head to toe

Let's face it. Looking and feeling good is not just about the clothes and accessories (although it plays a big part). Your hair and make-up are just as important. I am very lucky to call one of MAC's make-up artists my friend and she always helps me to stock up on essentials (with a little discount). Here is what I bought this time:
I've been planning to try fake lashes for a while and MAC has an amazing selection. I picked No 3 as I like the fact that they look very natural. They open up your eyes and I can't wait to try them on. I also bought the Duo adhesive for them.
Generally my skin is in quite a good condition (I drink tons of water every day - it DOES make a difference) therefore I don't use foundation. I prefer using tinted moisturisers as they're much lighter allowing my skin to breathe. I'm rather pale, so went for medium shade. This is the first time I'm using MAC's tinted moisturiser and am excited to see what it's like. I heard many good comments about it. My other popular ones are by Lancome and Chanel.
I come out with occasional spots and hide them with a concealer (Laura Mercier should you ask). I used to apply it with hands or foundation brush but decided it was time to buy a concealer brush. MAC's brushes are made from the softest hair and feel nice on the skin. I also needed new blusher brush and my friend recommended this angled one No.168. Again, this is a new product for me, so will let you know how I find using it.
Last but not least, I bought a blusher in Style - (fitting name no?). This is my third already and I love it. It's a peachy colour and seems to go with everything and I sometimes use it as a bronzer too. It blends and lasts well and now I can't imagine not using it. I alternate with pink blusher but use this one most of the time.
What are your favourite MAC (or other) beauty products?
Have s stylish day.


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