Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stylish nails - neon call

I have had a very positive feedback about my Glittery nails post. To be honest, I am kind of obsessed with my nails. I like making them looking pretty and had quite a lot of compliments on them over the years. So I decided to do a new regular post showing my manicure every week. What do you think? This week I went for neon pink nails, because I'm telling you now, the trend will be everywhere this summer. And I can't wait, so I put it on my nails for now. To make it more interesting, I painted one (ring finger) nail darker shade of pink. Both colours are by Barry M. I really like those nail polished, because despite being cheap, they last well, dry quick and have a good colour selection.
Have a stylish day.

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  1. I had this type of manicure couple of weeks ago, 4 nails dark & one lighter :) I like this happy colours.


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