Sunday, 20 May 2012

Window shopping on Bond Street

Last Friday in between meetings, I popped over to Burlington Gardens to see the Hermes leather forever exhibition (more about that later) and as Bond Street is just round the corner, of course I couldn't resist a quick visit. Mayfair is one of my favourite parts of London and Bond Street is a must visit regularly - I always love to have a look around and dream about million things I'd like to buy. The windows always look great and this time Ralph Lauren won me over with their beautiful displays. Unfortunately you can see a bit of a reflection of the opposite buildings, but I think you still get a pretty good idea about the shop windows. They take you to another dreamy world and there is definitely nothing wrong with that :) What do you think?
Have a stylish day.


  1. Oh gosh, how i do miss and love london town!
    I still think that the reflections in the windows add something to the imagery-especially in the first picture, beautiful window displays!


  2. I live in Edinburgh but absolutely love London, especially Mayfair. I always go there to wander about and just look at all the window displays. And you're so lucky about going to the Hermes exhibition! I blogged about it, I wish I could go!



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