Monday, 22 July 2013


1. My week was off to a good start with Matches package arriving first thing on Monday morning :)
2. In the box was my new DvF iPad cover. I'd been looking for one for ages and this was a bargain too good to resist.
3. Selfie in DKNY store on Bond street where I picked up another bargain. A bag that will be introduced on the blog soon.
4. Bargain number 3: winter coat from ASOS in dusky pink. According to Vogue that colour is going to be big next season! (For me pink is always in style..)
5. After a very long and busy week, it was nice to finally catch up on magazine reading, manicures and other important/fun stuff at the weekend.
Have a stylish day.
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  1. Are we twins? haha. I absolutely love your outfit in bond street, would 100% wear that! Also I cannot resist a designer bargain! Finally I also got excited when I got my Matches order, I ran home so I could get it open! I am 100% a new followers and SO excited about seeing your new posts!!

    Kassie -

  2. lovely post!


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