Saturday, 5 December 2009

Welcome to the world of WWW

I think the biggest growth in internet usage was definitely in the last decade. We got more shopping sites (yay:)), more blogs about fashion and style and generally more info about anything and everything.
The last ten years saw the start of pages like which has become a bible of anyone in fashion or interested in it. Where else can you see all the catwalks from fashion weeks straight after they have finished. Events that used to be exclusive and only for invited, can be watched from the comfort of your home at any time you want. I think it's incredible and am so thankful for all these possibilities as I love browsing the site and checking out future trends well ahead.
And there are the blogs. Countless amount of pages with photos, styling tips, trends, all you can imagine - great for inspiration.
Last but definitely not least is the shopping sites. How much better a life is now with its outlet, and more purse-friendly and a bargain's hunter heaven How did we live without it?! I love all these extra options it's giving you not only in purchasing your new fave items, but also showing you whole looks, giving you ideas and so on. What can I say. I am an internet addict, who loves all these new possibilities, spending hours online, looking at clothes, getting inspired, dreaming about new looks and then blogging about it. I hope you enjoy reading it. Have a stylish day.


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