Thursday, 9 December 2010

Suri Cruise - the youngest fashionista?

Today's style icon is more of an icon in making, but she's been making headlines since her birth. No wonder with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for parents. Katie's transformation from Dawson's creek teenager to a Broadway star has been quite apparent and she has used her tips and tricks on her daugher Suri. The little cutie has already an admirable wardrobe and you can imagine it will only get better. Suri is fan of pretty dresses, and chic coats and her favourite colours seem to be red and white. She has been wearing kitten heals since probably starting to walk, which has been widely criticised. But this little madam (or her mum) are having fun with dressing up and that's what fashion is all about. Here are some of her cute outfits.
Have a stylish day.


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