Sunday, 29 May 2011

Vintage Sunday - by Greg Kadel

Those who follow me on twitter may have seen a picure I posted of YSL cigarette packet. It looks very stylish and my question was: Would you take up smoking for these? I talked about this subject before, after Kate Moss strutted the Louis Vuitton runway puffing on a fag. I'm very anti-smoking, but have to admit, in fashion images it adds certain something. Sex appeal? Am I hypocritical for thinking this? As much as I love these photos and YSL cigarettes I'm not planning to start smoking and in no way I am promoting it.
But look at the photo below by Greg Kadel, American photographer who's done countless shoots for various editions of Vogue, NĂºmero, Harper's Bazaar and fashion campaigns, and tell me the cigarette doesn't "belong" there. What do you think?
Have a stylish day.


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