Sunday, 5 June 2011

Vintage Sunday - Vanessa Paradis

Wow this week has gone quick and it's time for another Vintage Sunday post. This week has been exciting in the sense, that all the July issues of my favourite magazines have come out. I love reading new mags and always can't wait to see the covers. The one that has dissapointed me, is by Vogue. Vanessa Paradis is their cover star and is such a beauty, but this cover is just wrong. I don't really want to be saying bad things I'd rather concentrate on the positives. So here I'm bringing you a cover of Slovak magazine Eva with Vanessa Paradis, that I think is great. They let her beauty shine through, altough I'd prefer if they put less writing on. It's unnecessary. Now tell me. Which one do you prefer?
Have a stylish day.


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