Tuesday, 30 August 2011

McQueen exhibition in London

I am very excited about this! I count myself as one of the biggest Alexander McQueen fans. I so wanted to see his Savage Beauty exhibition at New York's Met museum I booked flights to NYC in no time. But due to unforeseen circumstance I couldn't make the trip, therefor missed the record-breaking exhibition. I was sad and to be honest couldn't understand why it didn't take place in London (Lee's home) in the first place. I wasn't the only one who thought McQueen should be honored here and was glad to find out there are people out there doing their best to bring this must see exhibition here.
One of them is Melanie Rickey the editor-at-large at Grazia Magazine. She started a petition on her blog, that was signed by more that 2000 people so far (me one of them), but that wasn't it. She did more and it's all looking positive.
Read all the details here, where you can also sign the petititon. The more signs the better!
So fingers crossed and hopefully we can all see this display of McQueen's magnificent work in London soon.
Have a stylish day.


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