Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Funmilayo Deri - the interview

Recently I wrote about Funlayo Deri, a label set up by Funmilayo Csilla Deri (if you missed the post read it again here), and I promised you an interview too. Well here it is! I hope you enjoy it.
Have a stylish day.

1. You're based in London and Budapest, why those two cities? Where are your collections produced?

Both of these cities are home to me. When establishing my label, it was natural to continue to have a base in both. I’m in London most of the time, but spend time in Budapest overseeing production when collections are being made. In addition to being home, London is a young designer-friendly environment. There is a lot of support and encouragement here for emerging talents.

2. How they both inspire you, what inspires you?

Inspiration for me can come from any and everything – movies, theatres, museums, my emotions, experiences, my background, people, to mention a few. London is one of the world’s fashion capitals. I get so much inspiration from daily life here. There’s just a great creative feel to the city. Budapest is a beautiful city, rich in history. The historic buildings and the art scene inspire me.

3. Your label is very young, what have been the highlights so far?

There have been many highlights, and I keep learning and discovering new things about running a fashion business. Some of the highlights this year were when the collections were launched and the results of months of work were showcased to an audience. The first was the catwalk show at Africa Fashion Week in New York which received good coverage by CNN. The second was the exhibition with Felicities Presents during London Fashion Week.

4. What are the plans for the future/goals/dreams?

My ultimate goal is to build a brand that stands the test of time. I will continue to design womenswear and will incorporate accessories, children and menswear.

5. Who is Funlayo Deri woman?

The Funlayo Deri woman is confident, sophisticated, captivating, with refined taste, a woman with a strong sense of style who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd. She is passionate, cultured, loves life and new experiences.

6. Is there any person/ celebrity you would like to see wearing your designs?

I would like to see my clothes worn by women who love fashion, who have their own style and want to wear stand-out pieces. Their clothes don’t define them, but they use what they wear to make a statement. With regard to celebrities, it’s difficult to pick just one, so Zoe Saldana, Halle Berry, Michelle Obama and Blake Lively among others.

It all sounds very exciting and I wish you best of luck.


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