Saturday, 26 May 2012

Party feet - by Jimmy Choo

In five weeks I'm going to a wedding of one of my best friends and the pressure to look good is on! Loads of people I know are going to be there and I wanna make sure I look and feel good. I'm very excited as I haven't been to a wedding for quite a while. I've bought a dress on Thursday now I'm on a hunt for shoes that can rise to the occasion. I've been eyeing the sky-high glitter wedges by Jimmy Choo for ages and thought they'd be perfect. I had a proper look round the website and was pleased to find out they come in three different heights! How convenient. After a careful consideration I'm leaning towards the middle ground. I'm tall so don't need the extra inches plus they'll be more comfortable.
Whilst I like and appreciate the lowest style, I wouldn't probably choose them for a wedding, but would love a pair like them in a different colour - perfect everyday shoe.
I've also discovered the matching clutch bag that is very tempting to me, but matchy-matchy is something to avoid, no? What do you think? And which height would you go for?
Have a stylish day.


  1. in my opinion matchy-matchy is definitely to avoid, unless you want to go for real puristic and simple - 2 color outfit - how does the dress look like btw?
    and I would go for either the second highest or second lowest (the one you picked, right?)

  2. My dress is quite plain, one-shoulder maxi dress and I'll be wearing all gold accessories, so it'll be quite minimalistic. I'm tempted to buy the bag as it would fill a hole in my wardrobe and as I'm wearing a maxi and those shoes won't be on show as much I think I may just get away with it.. Will let you know :) thanks for your opinion!
    Adela x


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