Monday, 8 April 2013


1. This past weekend was full of belated birthday celebrations. I met two of my great friends and they both got me the same card. I think that must mean they're right ;)
2. One of my pressies was this pretty jewellery box. It'll fill up rather quickly..
3. It's safe to say I've got a weakness for all things French. Laduree macaroons, YSL anything (beauty, bracelet, arty rings...)
4. Eating pink macaroon, with pink nails, wearing pink jeans. I'm called Miss Pink for a reason ;)
5. Enjoying a Cosmo on a sunny Saturday, wearing my fave Dior sunglasses and YSL handbag
Have a stylish day.
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  1. Love these pics! I'm so jealous of your Laduree!! I could go for a macaron! So funny your friends got you the same card! It was meant to be!


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