Friday, 2 August 2013

Summer lovin'

I can't believe we're already half way through summer! And as it's been the hottest for a long time I've been making the most of it. Spending lots of times outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.
Here's few things I've been especially loving this summer:
1. Bikinis - I bought two sets as finally we can wear them in Britain too. And spending time by the pool and sunbathing :). This one is by Kelly Brook for New look and it's so perfect I simply had to have it.
2. Prints - florals are quite new to me, but fell in love with the top above (Great Plains from The Dressing room), I've been also loving these floral shorts. Other prints I bought included my chevron pillows, DvF ipad case and many more..
3. Essie nail polishes - my collection is growing strong. The colours I've been wearing most in July include: Madison Ave-hue, Mezmerized and The girls are out. What are your favourite shades?
4. Cold drinks - the perfect way to keep cool. I'm addicted to Starbucks' Mocha frappe. What's your favourite?
5. Summer sales - this DKNY bag was the best bargain (properly introduced here), another one was the top above, I bought two winter coats (I'm actually looking forward to wearing) and loads more. What were your best sale buys?
I've been also enjoying all the beautiful flowers everywhere, eating lovely fresh fruit (especially watermelon and cherries) and light salads, summer cocktails, long evenings, wearing minimal make-up and much more. What are you loving this summer?
Have a stylish day.
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  1. i love the color of the nail polishes. its cool! <3
    Maybe you want to join my giveaway Have a check and win awesome clothes. :)

    .never settle for less.

  2. I can definitely see why they are your summer favs. Beautiful items and everyone needs a Starbucks fix every now and then in their lives. Hmm but the bikinis are just too cute.

  3. wow very nice!!:)

  4. I love that top Cara photo! I want to recreate that shot!!


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