Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kate Moss book


Kate Moss by Chris Roberts, Carlton, £16.99, available to buy online at and in all good book stores.
Is it me or is everyone getting older but Kate Moss? How has she just celebrated her 40th birthday is beyond me. She looks incredible! I hope I look half as good at her age. In celebration of this special occasion a beautiful books has been released to celebrate her influence in fashion industry.
It's full of amazing photographs, from both her successful career and rock'n'roll life.
I have really enjoyed reading mine (not finished yet..) . It is a must have for every fashionista and will look good on any coffee table.
Oh I sure do love fashion books.
Have  stylish day.
(this book has been sent to me, but all opinions are mine).


  1. Gosh she is STILL so breathtakingly gorgeous. When I'm forty I'll probably look like a hag and completely rubbish. Oh how I envy her!


  2. I don't understand how she still looks picture perfect! Cool book.



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