Thursday, 16 December 2010

My top five designers

Last night I couldn't sleep and I was thinking about... Fashion, naturally! About my blogs, you - my readers, what I wanna write about, and especially my favourite designers. Sometimes I've got quite a few post in my head ahead and sometimes I just improvise. Today I'm planning posts about two people whose work I admire the most (don't wanna reveal too much, you will see soon), but you could probably guess as I write about them a lot. So I decided to compile a list of my top five designers.
Number 1 is definitely Tom Ford, but the other four I share equal interest in. Therefor in random order as they came into my head are:
Christopher Bailey
Alexander McQueen
John Galliano
Karl Lagerfeld

All of course very talented and recognised for their excellent work and bespoke creativity. I love their work so much and they are the reason I am interested in fashion and excited to see season after season what they are bringing to us, their vision of beauty that I and many women all over the world are dying to wear. Well done to them all and let's hope they will keep us well dressed and more for many years to come ( sadly except the late Lee McQueen). Salute. Make sure you let me know who are your top five.
Have a stylish day.
PS: the picture above is a cover of book I picked up last week at V&A. Their book shop is a must visit for any fashion enthusiast. It's very well stocked and I could spend hundreds of pounds in there..


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