Saturday, 16 June 2012

Party feet - by

Last week I went to visit the lovely girls from Push PR and see what nice things they had on show. I was instantly hooked on the massive shoe selection from I felt like I was in colorful shoe heaven.
The pair that I loved the most and simply had to try on, was the deep red suede wedge boots with a cut-out detail, that not only were very comfortable, they seem perfect for many weather conditions and occasions and are now top of my wish list. I couldn't find them online yet, but I'll keep on checking as they're getting new stock in daily.
With so many different styles to choose from, Nelly have something for everyone. If you like studs and spikes, you're in for a treat. Now you can even design your dream pair and win a shopping spree. It's a win win situation, but hurry as this competition ends in a week.
See all Nelly shoes here.
Have a stylish day.


  1. thankyou for sending me your link! Wow those shoes are stunning, especially the studded ones! I followed you xx

  2. wowee gorgeous shoes! x

  3. I have the spiky pair in the last pic! :) Love them :)

  4. Glad you like them girls! Carlinn I'm jealous ;) enjoy them!
    Adela xx


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