Saturday, 4 December 2010

Tala Samman - the girl behind the blog

If you haven't heard of Tala Samman yet, make sure you check out her blog myfashdiary very soon. It's becoming a must-read for every fashionista! Tala is a 20 year old student from Dubai, currently getting a degree at London College of Fashion (that's where I met her couple of years ago). At such a young age she's already accomplished quite a lot, getting front row seats at London and Paris fashion weeks, attending press days and store opening launches and so on and reporting all about it on her blog. What I love the most are her regular Look of the day. I've picked some of my favourites, but have a look at them all. She describes her style bohemian (70s inspired) and that's what I like on her best. She has been photographed by Vanessa Jackman and spotted on many street style blogs. So if you haven't heard of her yet don't despair, I'm sure you will very soon. A lot. She is the loveliest person and despite her deadlines and busy schedule, she agreed to answer few questions for me. Enjoy.
Have a stylish day.

• You're a full time student, fashion blogger and have other projects on the go as well. How do you find time for it all?
 I can probably say I'm pretty organised with time management and tend to avoid wasting time - I'm pretty ambitious too... I think that's why it works well :)

• What motivates you/drives you forward?
 The love and passion for what I do. If I didn't have that, I wouldn't be driven to work hard.

• What has been the fashion highlight for you this year?
Probably a front row seat at Chanels show!

• What are your ambitions/ what would you like to achieve in the fashion industry?
 The list would be endless... I love trying out different angles in the fashion industry because I'm a student and its the time to experiment!

• Have you got any role models in the industry?
Natalie Massenet and Kelly Cutrone to name a few

• And finally what is one thing in your closet you couldn't live without?
My biker jacket!


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