Monday, 6 February 2012

Designer v High street

You may remember those Alexander McQueen pink boots i was going on about he whole season. They eventually went to sale and I decided to buy them. They still have few pairs left at Matches should you be interested. But unfortunately I wasn't meant to have them, because even the biggest size was too small for me (not the first time this happened). I was devastated, as I already planned million outfits with them. So i decided to do a little search on high street and see if i could find anything similar. You can imagine my delight, when I discovered this pair by River Island for £85! You can buy them here . Not only they look nearly identical, I've saved a lot of money (and spent it on other things..). Again this proves that you don't have to spend a fortune on things, because the high street is so good. If you're not a pinkoholic like me, the good news is they come in four different colours. Will you be buying them?
Have a stylish day.


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