Thursday, 10 July 2014

The ultimate guide to pink lips II.

 It is no secret I love pink lips (well most pink things...). I would even say it's my signature look. I occasionally wear red or nude but very rarely. I did my first guide to pink lips last year here,
but since then discovered new pink beauties which I fell in love with, so I thought I'd do an updated guide. Starting with my current favourite:
1. Nars  Satin lip pencil in YU
It's very bright pink. It's the first lip pencil I've tried from Nars and I fell in love with it and am thinking about buying more. It's super moisturising and has a nice shiny texture and feels nice on. Perfect for every day (if like me you like bright lips). It's very similar colour to Nars Schiap.

2. Nars Schiap
Again very bright (neon like) colour. Before purchasing the pencil, it was one lipstick I wore most but sometime feels too bright. It's down to the matte effect I think because even though it's similar shade, the pencil is not so in your face. Still one of my faves though. Perfect if you need to add a colour to your outfit.

3. Nars Funny face
This is a fuchsia shade (according to them) and it's quite dark. I prefer wearing this in the autumn but still other times too. It's a gorgeous colour and perfect if you want something not so bright. Like the other Nars lipstick it lasts well but feels a bit dry as it's from the matte collection.

4. Clinique Chubby stick in Watermelon
Very very light, more like a gloss. It's moisturizing and feels nice but doesn't last long. It's perfect when you're wearing heavy eye make up or if you prefect very natural look. Also nice layering over lipstick to give it a nice glow.
Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite pink lipsticks?

Have a stylish day.


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