Saturday, 8 January 2011

Party feet - by Christian Louboutin

This is my other new feature, this time dedicated to shoes. Oh yeahhhh, who doesn't like them. I read that Cinderella is a proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life and it's my new motto. So every Saturday as an inspiration for Saturday night, I'm gonna pick a pair of shoes that has caught my eyes that particular week. Starting with the one and only Christian Louboutin. Women and MEN go crazy over his red-soled beauties and they are favoured all over the world. Who wouldn't like to own at least pair. I fell in love with these straight away and yes, it's no coincidence that they are pink. But what an amazing shade. Perfect to add colour to your wardrobe and give a new lease of life to any old LBD. Wearing those, you'll feel like Cinderella and who knows? You may meet your prince charming as well. Available at
Have a stylish day.


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