Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Jewelled Wednesday - statement necklace

Needles to say, I am obsessed with pink and wear quite a lot of it. So I decided to look for a necklace that would go well with my wardrobe of mostly pink,black, white, gold. Thanks to the regular newsletter, dedicated to statement jewellery this week (in perfect timing just before Jewelled Wednesday), I discovered some great necklaces, that I think will be perfect addition to my collection. Turquoise is a colour that suits everyone and will be cool clashing with my pinks whilst adding a new colour to my palette. I fell in love with these two gorgeous styles and both are top of my shopping list.
First is by Kelly Wearstler and you can buy it here and the other by Alexis Bittar here. Do you like them? Which one do you prefer?
Have a stylish day.
Alexis Bittar

Kelly Wearstler


  1. hey these are so pretty. i like the second one cos the chain is more my style. cute blog!


  2. Glad you like :) they are both very different, the second one is more edgy.. Hard to pick fave xx


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